Can you be Tracked on discord

Can you be Tracked on discord? Yes, Discord can track the games you play, whether or not you want it to.

Discord knows which games you are playing because that's how it's programmed.  However, the app does not communicate this feature well.

  The weather has increased over the last few years since the gaming chat program Discord.  Not as complicated as Skype or as expensive as TeamSpeak, Discord is an easy, light, and engaging way to communicate with teammates in online games.  And, unless you need 5 per month nitro level, it's absolutely free.

  This does not mean that the program is perfect.  Kaugoesmo, who is a user of the Thomas Guide Forum, considers 2 separate intruders:

Can you be Tracked on discord
Can you be Tracked on discord

  "How can Hack Discord know which program I have open?"  Ask the subject line.  "I'm a security lunatic and things like that annoy me terribly ... Discord is allowed to be found and the ability to see what I'm doing isn't incredibly disturbing."

  Discord knows what?

  The simple answer to Kaugoesmu-2's question is: Discord knows what program you have open because it was programmed to program.  However, the program does not do a good job of informing users about this feature.

  For those of you who haven't used Discord before, CowGoysm2 is just about the program's efficiency in discovering the program you're using.  Discord will recognize it instantly whenever you load a game, even if you do not allow access to your Blizzard or Steam accounts.  By default, it also shares what games you're playing with your Discord Friends list.  You can disable these notifications, but you can't block the program by leaving a list of each game when you open it.


  To be quite honest, I initially dismissed this complaint as being as simple as any user who neglects to read the terms of service of a program.  You know the terms of service - the Russian-novel-length text wall that serves no purpose other than to be between you and your brand-new program.  The fact of the matter is that the Terms of Service often contain important information about the permissions and facilities required to run a program.

  There is only one problem: Discord will not actually show you the terms of service before it is installed.  In fact, the text with the terms of service is not in the program at all.  If you search for it, Discord will link you to its website, where you can read both the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.  Neither one is long, so if you use the program extensively, you may want to consider taking 20 minutes or more to read them.

  What information do you share?

  The privacy policy is fairly clear about what kind of information Discord collects:

  "When you communicate with us through the Services, we receive and store certain information, such as IP addresses, device IDs and your activities in the Services.  National information, agent or service provider

  "[User demographics information] can be compiled and analyzed on an aggregate basis and we may share this aggregate data with our authorized, agents and business partners.  To partners and other third parties for other legal purposes.

Thanks all. 

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