'Emotion' Best Love Story 2021 in English

'Emotion' Best Love Story 2021 in English. Full Short romantic story for you.  

'Emotion' Best Love Story 2021 in English
'Emotion' Best Love Story 2021 in English

Feelings of silence


As soon as I came out at the end of varsity class, I saw that the sky was covered with thick black clouds.  It looks like it will rain heavily.  I like the weather very much though.  But as soon as I left home in a hurry, it started to rain.

This is Reh!  I didn't bring an umbrella.  So there is no further profit.  I went to varsity again.

Wondering where to go.  Suddenly I thought, hey why not go to class?  Whatever you think, do it.

But when I went to class, I was more surprised than surprised.  Of course I'm getting a smile too!  Seeing a girl cry though a boy like me is not supposed to get a smile.  Still can not suppress a smile!

- Kiri Aroni, why are you crying?

Somehow I went to Aroni with a smile and asked.

Aroni is looking at me with surprised eyes.  Because usually no one talks to Aroni!  Even after taking classes together for two years in a row, I never talked to him!  Of course, many people try to get along with her because she is the daughter of a rich man.  But none of them are Arani's true friends.

- You know, Turya, Raj has told me a lot of bad things!  What would I do now?

By this time I had found the meaning of Arani's cry.  Raj is the smartest boy in our class.  In conversation, no one can be equal to him in behavior.  And also very rich.

I have been watching Aroni Raj since the first day of varsity.  Raj is not paying attention to him, on the contrary, it can be said that it is not.  She is doing it with him as she wishes.  Aroni does all the assignments in the class.  Even then, Raj abused the girl badly.  Only Aroni Bokasoka says unsmart a girl.  Even Raj can!

Raj, however, cannot be blamed.  He likes Arpa, the most beautiful girl in our class.  Orpa and Raj are often seen hanging out together.  Even then I see Aruni did not give up!

- What did Raj say to you today?

- I told Raj today about my thoughts and feelings.  But do you know what he told me?

Aroni started sobbing again.

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- Don't say that!  Why are you doing so much drama?

- He also said, have you ever seen an owl?  Go to the mirror and see, then you will see!  He and his friends all laughed together.

Aroni started crying again.  I looked at him and smiled and said,

- Do you really know what happened?  We all always run after the golden deer.  I extend my hand towards that which will never happen to me.  Hold on to me, I ate a crush on Orper from the first day of varsity.  Then slowly as the day went on, I realized by myself, there is no point in running after him.  That's why no feeling works with him anymore.

--But I really love that Raj.  I can't think of anything but him.

I couldn't stop laughing anymore.  I smiled and said,

--Then you have to change like Madame Fully.  If you don't like Orpar, Raj won't even look back at you ..

I saw Aruni's eyes shining in my words!  Asked me,

--How do I change myself?  Don't say!

My smile is not stopping this time.  Who knew that the girl would really think of my fun?

After laughing for a long time, I said with a very serious look,

- You have to change your gate up!  Your famous thick framed glasses and this very simple look, all need to be changed.

This time I looked at Aroni and said,

- You look good, your complexion is good.  But you are not a little conspiracy.  And why do you braid with such long hair?  In fact, you are a famous box!

- Well, what does it take to change these?

This time I said with a more serious look,

--Psychiatrist and fashion designer!

This time my smile did not accept any obstacle.  I laughed out loud.

--Psychiatrist and fashion designer?  What will they do?

--They will change your stupid look and stupid look.  What a fool!

The rain has stopped.  So I didn't want to sit there and listen to the girl's silly talk anymore.  Leaving Aroni there in a worried state like a fool, I left laughing.

A few days later.

Aroni is not following Raj now, but behind me.  And everyone is looking at us and smiling.  I feel like I hit the ground with my head in the hole like an ostrich!  I don't understand what to do.

Everyone in the class thinks Aroni has left Raj and caught me.  Sumon just sat down and said,

- Turya, you have made a great profit, my friend!

--Why buddy?

- Hey boy, eat sweets first!

--Because if not, how can I eat sweets?

- Hey boy, I beat up such a rich girl, now you are sohaga in gold!

--Who is rich again?

--Hey white glasses of our class, Aroni!

- Exclude nonsense.  I went.

Not to say he ran away, but the rest of the class?  How to escape from them?  What should I tell them?

Aroni came to me again today.  I did not escape today.  Whatever happens, I face him.

- What do you want?

- I call you this time, does it not even enter your ears?  You put cotton in your ears?

--I can hear well.  Tell me directly what to say.

- To put it bluntly, I've been following you for so long!

- Don't say that!

- Tell me about the psychiatrist and fashion designer you mentioned.

- Tell me first, if I help you in this matter, will you help me in this matter?

- Well done.

--Listen, what I've understood so far is that you lack smartness in everything.  You need a psychiatrist to change your movements, a fashion designer to change your get-up.  That's what I said that day.

Somehow I explained something to Aroni.  Because now I need to stay away from him and avoid the annoying laughter of my classmates.

Aruni heard me and said,

- I understand that.  I have a psychiatrist I know.  But where do I find a fashion designer?

This time I took out one of my sister's cards from my pocket and handed it to Aroni.  I always keep my acquaintances' cards in my pocket.

Aroni looked at me and smiled a little.  I stared in amazement at his smile for so long.  The girl's smile is very beautiful!  Absolutely like going to the chest.  I stared at Aroni in fascination, suddenly heard her saying,

- Kiri, aren't you saying that?

I came back to reality and said,

- What should I say?

--I was asking what I was talking about to help you.  What's the matter

- Oh, yes.  The thing is, you can't come to varsity in front of me this one year.  I will talk on the phone if I need to, but I can't talk in front of everyone.  You see, everyone is spreading rumors about us, it will hurt you.

- All right.  Anything else?

- That's all I have to do.

Saying that, I handed over my mobile number to Aroni.

Suddenly at night I saw a message on my mobile from an unknown number.  It says-

'Do you really think I can change? -Aroni'.

Why is there so much love for him.  I think I give courage to the girl.  He needs courage at this moment.  I sent him a message with courage, 'I believe, one day you will change yourself very easily in the mind of the king.  Then you will see, not you, the king will follow you! '

Aroni replied, "I needed the courage of a good friend like you in this time of danger, Ray."

From the next day, I was surprised to see that a girl wearing a burqa gave attendance to Sir Aroni's role in the class.  Understood, so as not to meet me, so Aruni started wearing a burqa!  I smiled a lot back home that day.  Such a simple girl I have never seen in my life!

A few days later, I see that Aruni is not mixing with anyone else!  Being different from everyone else.  Tinni is his very best friend.  Asking him, he said angrily,

- Are you talking about Madame Fully?  We haven't known him so well for so long that he is so smart!  Do you know what happened?

- What happened?

--Aroni came that day and told us that she would change herself and become Madame Fully!  What shall we say?  I am rolling with laughter.  I said, don't even try to do what is never possible, repent.  And you will be the change?

Thanks  all.

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