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How To Make Hamburger Patties?  Hamburger is very popular food in USA. So, It's common question of  How To Make Hamburger Patties That Don’t Fall Apart – The Secret To Keeping Your Burgers Together

Backyard barbecue is a very special event. There is something magical about getting together with friends and family and enjoying some delicious grilled food prepared in front of you.  One of my favorite dishes is a well-made burger, which includes delicious homemade patties and lots of toppings and spices.
How To Make Hamburger Patties
How To Make Hamburger Patties

  While lettuce or ketchup is pretty hard to draw, the burger is surprisingly easy to draw.  I’ve come across many barbecues where someone’s patty is lost when it breaks and falls into the grates of the grill.

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  While this is unlikely to happen with iced patties, they are no longer as tasty as handmade ground beef with a hint of machine eating.

  Here are some tips to make sure your custom patties don't get cracked.

  1. Keep things cool

  The grilled burger recipe is simple because the frozen patties don’t separate.  They are really cool.  The cooler your meat, the more likely it is to stay together.  You do not need to freeze your patties to achieve this effect.  All you have to do is put them in the fridge until you are ready to cook them.

  This means you have to take your ground beef out of the fridge, mix it by hand and shape it, and then put it in the fridge with some wax paper.  Although your beef doesn’t seem to get too hot, it actually transfers a lot of heat to the patties while shaping your hands.

  Refrigerate them later to keep them together better.

  2.  Avoid shaking things up

  Most chefs recommend handling your patties as much as possible.  Add any seasoning to your ground beef (I just like a touch of pepper and a decent amount of salt) and then stir this mixture quickly.

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  It's okay if it's a little uneven.

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  Don’t go crazy when you’re making patties yourself.  All you have to do is form a vague burger shape, which should not take more than a few motions.  Next, be sure to refrigerate everything to make sure it’s great and cool for the grill.

  3.  Flip as small as possible

  When your burger has cooled it puts it together pretty well.  When it is cooked, it will be firm and firm.  When it is in it, it is quite responsible for being isolated.  Don’t flip your burger too often to fight it!

  The idea of ​​beef burgers

  Enough at once!

  That way, you’ll cook the bottom perfectly before you remove it, which means a lot of tough, cooked burgers will hold everything.

  Ground beef burger

  4.  Add eggs if necessary

  If you are completely ghostly, try mixing some eggs with your patties.  This will make the patties sticky when it cools down.  As the eggs cook, it will act as an additional binding agent and hold the burgers together.

  Many chefs don’t think it’s necessary (including me) so we’re keen to avoid this move.  If you want to add some eggs to the burger, go for it!  This is your grill you can do things the way you want.
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USA Food

  5. Avoid the grill

  Easy Patty Recipes You can always cook in a pan in your burger to completely reduce any worries.  At Skilllet, you can only flip the burger once it separates.  The rest of the time, it is still completely stable even if it decides to become completely stiff, the lower part of the skillet will hold it in place.

  This obviously won’t work if you’re on a barbecue, but if you cook a small number of burgers at home, it’s perfectly fine to use your range.

  6. Avoid liquid ingredients

  The burgers with stove Worcestershire sauce can be delicious but if you add it to your hamburger patties they will get a lot more liquid.  Be sure to avoid liquid odors and stick with hard ones.

  Try using a spice mixture instead or add the sauce after cooking.  You’ll still get a flavored burger, but it will stay together when it’s cooked.
Popular food in USA
Popular food in USA  

  Patties that don’t fall
  You don’t have to worry about things like fat content or weird additives to keep your hamburgers together, instead keep things cool, avoid liquid additives and handle your burgers as quickly as possible.

  When you cook them, flip them at once and consider using a skillet instead of a grill if you’re still worried.  Finally, consider adding an egg to act as a binding agent and to keep everything together.

Thanks all. 
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