How to Take care of Men's hair in English

How to Take care of Men's hair? 

Which is essential in hair care for boys

How to Take care of Men's hair in English
How to Take care of Men's hair in English

Many people think that boys do not need hair care.  But the word is no longer true.  Men also have to work a little harder to have beautiful hair.  Regular oiling, shampooing and conditioning is very important.  And if possible, use henna on your hair at least once a week.

Dandruff is a common problem.  If someone has been suffering from dandruff for a long time, then problems like bruising and hair loss occur.  Light oil massage of hair solves this problem in many cases.  Mehdi is helpful in solving the problem of dandruff.  Along with this, make a good paste with egg white, curd, coffee and a little hot water and apply it on the scalp.  Wash off after half an hour.

5 important tips for hair care for boys:

Choose a good shampoo: There are various shampoos available in the market suitable for boys' hair.  But how many days a week to shampoo, what kind of shampoo to use to match the type of hair, many people do not know these things.  Conversely, many people do more damage to their hair by using frivolous or inconsistent brands.  So you have to choose a good shampoo to match your hair type.

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Use conditioner after shampooing: After shampooing, use conditioner to make the hair clean.  So you have to use conditioner after shampooing.  You can also wash your hair with lemon juice in a mug of water instead of conditioner.  When using conditioner, make sure that the conditioner does not stick to the hair follicles and scalp.

Scalp massage: When applying oil on the scalp or shampooing, you have to massage the scalp with your fingers.  This will increase the blood circulation to the scalp.  Also comb your hair several times a day with a thick tooth comb.

Gel, hair spray can not be kept for a long time: The mistake that boys often make is to use gel hair spray on the hair for a long time.  It easily gets dirty dust in the hair.  In addition, using the gel for a long time can cause scalp problems.  So do not use the gel during the day when you are more likely to work outside.  And whenever you use gel or hair spray, try to wash your hair back home quickly.

Other important things: drink plenty of water, tea-coffee, quit smoking.  Many people in the salon massage their head loudly after cutting their hair.  This causes severe hair loss.  These cannot be done.  And you have to choose a hair fashion or style that can be done in five minutes.

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