MediaVine Review in 2021 | Adsense Alternative

MediaVine Review in 2021 | Adsense Alternative 

 Hi, friends,

  I've got a lot of questions about blogging - how do I get started, how do I make a living, what's my number one?

  Looks like everyone wants to quit their job and blog at home to make a living.  I don’t blame you it’s a great gig, but people took a lot of hard work and a lot of time to get where I am today!  I started blogging in December 2006, started it full time in 2013 and I started creating what I would consider full time earnings in 2014. It took a few years of work!  I’m not saying to discourage anyone, so you set realistic expectations.

  I've got a great network of other bloggers who have helped me along the way and since June 2015 I have had a great ad network that has really helped me increase my revenue.  I wanted to chat with you about that ad network, MediaVine, because they really helped me to earn an impressive amount and I can't be happier with them!

  I already knew one thing about MediaVine, one of the founders of MediaVine - he is another blogger like me.  When she talked to me about her new venture, I was quite excited.  An ad network that puts Blogger first.  Yes!  Count me.  I was actually one of the first blogs to launch MediaVine and it was pretty awesome, to say the least.  My family depends on my income and we were all a little nervous about what the future might hold.

  Boys.  This is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business.

MediaVine Review in 2021 | Adsense Alternative

  MediaVine really puts publishers first and I appreciate it from what I can say.  I’ve been with a few other network and ad management teams in the past and while they always work well they certainly don’t remind me that I was their first priority.  Lack of transparency was also a big problem for me.

  Everything is transparent, including MediaVine.  You'll see everything in their fancy-pants dashboard that is updated daily.  They even have this little red light green light site health system that tells you how to perform specific ad placement.  If you need to make your sidebar smaller for better advertising revenue, you'll see a yellow or red light.  If your ads perform the way they expect, you will get the green light.  I like it - and as you can see, I need to do some work on my mobile content ads, as indicated by the yellow light.

  Their advanced reporting lets you see revenue breaks through each specific ad so you can make your own decisions and turn ads on and off from your dashboard just as you like.  Below the Pie Pie chart, you'll see the breakdown of each ad, the number of impressions, the CPM, the fulfillment rate, the visibility, and the revenue generated from that particular ad.

  They’ve also launched their own video player that lets you make good money playing ads on any video that creates your content.  See an example here!

  I will never have to wait more than a day for their support top notch and response.  They are quick to respond, friendly and always willing to go up and out.

  Beyond the help, they are great at SEO and are eager to help you improve in that area.  They write SEO guides and are always happy to answer specific questions.  This is a huge advantage for many of us considering SEO to be such a confusing subject.

  They even have a Facebook group for publishers where you can ask other bloggers any questions you have, whether it's related to advertising.  This group is full of information and I like to check out there and see what other bloggers are doing and how they are managing things.

  My RPM is higher than before, my involvement in my ads is lower than before (this is a good thing for me !!), and through the roof of my peace of mind through I can not recommend this company enough.

  MediaVine does not offer any approved programs, which means I am not being paid for this review.  MediaVine wants to grow on the basis of their merits, because their publishers are not trying to earn authorized dollars not their devotion!

  MediaVine offers a loyalty bonus program.  After your one-year anniversary with MediaVine, you will receive a 1% bonus on your previous year's earnings.  Two years later, that bonus is 2%.  I believe that this bonus goes up to a whopping 5% which would be a great impressive amount.  I am now two years old at the moment and my bonus will be a very small amount of money!

  All right, guys.  That's what I got!  I hope you find this MediaVine review helpful and that it can help you make any advertising decision.  Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions and I will be happy to answer them honestly. 

Thanks all.  

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