Romantic Love Story 2021 in English | Full LOVE Story

English Romantic Love Story in English font | Full LOVE Story in 2021

Sapna and Nilay grow up together from a young age.  Sapna's father drives a taxi, and Niloy's father is a homeopathic doctor.  The relationship between the two families is not bad.

 English Short Story - Romantic Short Story 2021 in English language.  

 I used to love Sapna Nilay in my mind.  But could never say.  Together they passed the Honors.  The ventricle is a government job.  He got married with pomp and circumstance from home.  Sapna Bechari sits at home and cries alone.  He has nothing to do.

Romantic Love Story 2021 in English | Full LOVE Story
Romantic Love Story 2021 in English | Full LOVE Story

 Seeing Sapna's condition, his mother suppressed Sapna.  Asks what the problem is.  In a tearful voice, Sapna tells about her hidden love.  His one-sided love.

 Sadness descends on Sapna's family.  Sapna's father wants to arrange for her to get married soon.  But one thing in the dream, deep in his mind, he has put the ventricle.  Now it is not possible for her to get married under any circumstances.  He even threatened to kill himself if he went too far.  Everyone in Sapna's family is scared.  At the same time it suffers.  But there is nothing to do.  Without looking at the only girl's face and just sighing.

Romantic Short Story - Romantic Short Story in English. 

 Five years later.  Sapna is now a teacher in a private school in Dhaka.  He does not go to the village Idhaning.  Talking to parents on the phone.  He went to the village for 5 days on a puja holiday.  Will he return to the village alive this time and change his life radically?

 When Sapna looks back at home, she can feel a pain in everyone in the house.  Sapna asked her mother what happened?  Sapna's mother doesn't say anything to Sapna at first.  He said everything openly under the pressure of his daughter.

 Nilay has come to the village.  He has a cute baby.  Babuta is only 2 years old.  His mother died while giving birth to the baby.  Niloy came to the village to meet Sapna's parents.  They see a strange anger in the boy's mind.  One pressing trouble.

 Sapna becomes tired after hearing the incident.  Life is not a movie that will raise a child in the ventricles.  Take care of her like your own daughter.  But Sapna is very willing.  Once again the dream loses to itself.  Can't speak openly about his secret desire.

 Puja holiday is over.  Sapna will return to Dhaka this afternoon.  While packing the bag, Sapna's mother ran and informed her that Nilay had arrived.

 The dream flashes.  He didn't want to be seen in the ventricles.  What is the benefit of increasing the understanding of suffering?

 According to his mother, he finally met Nilay.  Both are silent.  Suddenly Niloy said, “Stay in Dhaka, I heard?  I also live in Dhaka.  In the family.  You? ”

 “In United States.  We are 2 friends together.  He goes to the same school with me.  The girl from the village next to us. ”

 After saying more, they said goodbye to each other.  "Be well," said Sapna, walking towards her room.  The chest is twisting in smoke with unknown difficulty.  With an impossible force on his mind, he walked back to the room.

 He turned his head and looked back for the last time.  He saw Nilar standing on his lap with a cute baby.  The ventricular eye is wet.  The tears can be seen from afar.  Why can't Sapna hold herself back after seeing the baby.

 Nilay and Sapna got married with the permission of both their families.  We are now in the family of Dhaka.  I am that girl.  And do my parents know what my name is?  "Light".  I heard the whole story from my parents on their 14th wedding anniversary.  Then I write.  And today I informed the world.

 Everyone will pray for my family.  I drag the class now.  I lost my mother, but I found a better loving woman than her.  I love you both very much parents.
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