Ways to Get Rid of Excess Spots on The Face

Ways to Get Rid of Excess Spots on The Face?

 Everyone has sesame or mole on their body.  But many people have extra sesame seeds on their face.  Excess sesame again is not liked by many.  Its medical cost is also very low, not that.  So many people are worried about this.

Ways to Get Rid of Excess Spots on The Face
Ways to Get Rid of Excess Spots on The Face

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 Health and lifestyle website Boldsky reports that unwanted moles can be removed at home through some home remedies.  Here are some suggestions:


 Garlic is very beneficial for health.  It also works very well to heal moles or moles.  Regular application of garlic juice on sesame seeds will remove sesame seeds.

 Tea Tree Oil

 This oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Many claim that sesame seeds disappear when applied several times a day.  However, care must be taken when using tea tree oil.  This oil should not enter the body in any way.

 Collar peel

 Banana peels contain enzymes and acids, so many people think that sesame seeds are removed.  Banana peel also acts as a moisturizer on the skin.  If you use it, the skin will be beautiful.


 Honey is very beneficial for the skin.  Honey softens the skin.  It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which are extremely beneficial for the skin.  Many people believe that when honey is applied on sesame seeds, the color of sesame seeds becomes lighter.


 Potatoes work as a natural bleach.  If you use potato juice, even if the sesame is not completely removed from the skin, the color of the sesame will become lighter.

 Lemon juice

 Apply lemon juice on the skin several times a day.  Lemon juice will work as a bleach.

 Castor oil and baking soda

 Make packs by mixing baking soda with castor oil.  Apply to the skin every day as a rule.  After a few weeks, the sesame will be removed from your skin.  Baking soda dries the sesame and castor oil protects the skin.

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