Armenian Cucumbers Growing in the garden

5 TIPS FOR GROWING ARMENIAN CUCUMBERS IN THE GARDEN - Armenian Cucumbers Growing in the garden

Here are five tips for growing Armenian cookies in the garden:

Armenian Cucumbers Growing in the garden
Armenian Cucumbers Growing in the garden

  1. Armenian customers find success in hot summers

  Heat tolerance is their number one feature;  High temperatures do not stress these trees.  Before planting, prepare the soil by fixing it with compost.  When it is hot outside (regular days above 65 above and 80 even better) plant 2-3 seeds ½ to 1 inch deep to 1 inch deep.  When the seeds are 3-4 inches long, thin 1 to 1 thin on each leaf.  Although they are very heat tolerant, they need equal and regular watering to prevent them from getting bitter.

  Armenian cucumber is just one of the handful of vegetables that can be planted in the lowlands in early July.

  Watch the video to the end and you will see the results of cross pollination between an Armenian cucumber and a chimayo watermelon.  I didn’t realize that the seeds I had saved the previous year were cross-pollinated and that was the result of that.

  2.  Give room for Armenian cookies to grow in the garden

  Armenian cucumbers like vines and can easily occupy a garden;  Observe the plant and the symptoms of the disease for early detection.

  Don’t overflow crowds - crowded plants are more susceptible to diseases such as pests and powderwall fraud and squash bugs.

  Rotate where you plant Armenian cucumbers - do not plant in the same place as you planted other melons, squash or cucumbers before.

  Corn is a good companion plant for Armenian cucumbers and they can climb corn like trellis.

  Armenian cucumbers grow best on any kind of trellis to keep them away from the field.  Trailed fruits will become straight.

  3. It’s all about the flowers

  Armenian cucumbers have flowers for both males and females.  Male flowers will appear first and continue to bloom;  About 2 weeks later the first female flowers appear.  Both types of flowers are yellow. The male flowers will bloom and it is expected that the "flower bees" will transmit the pollen to the female flowers with the help of pollen, then dry out and fall off.  Female flowers will germinate, bloom and turn into fruit when pollinated.  The flowers are numerous, and hand pollination is not usually required.  Encourage bees by planting nearby oregano, basil and other flowering plants.

4.  Choose from Armenian cookies youth and her

  Fruits can grow up to 3 feet long in a hurry but they are best chosen between 12-18 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

  Collect fruits early in the day and dip in cold water to prolong storage time.

  Cut the fruit from the vine;  Pulling can damage the vine

  Planting the fruit on top of the vine can soon slow down or stop production.

  Larger fruits have more noticeable seeds.  Large fruits taste less like cucumber and pure like watermelon.

  5. Enjoy the most Armenian cookies from your garden.

  A few trees will give you more Armenian cucumber than you use.  Here are some ways to enjoy them:

  No need to peel;  The skin on young Armenian cucumbers is thin and edible.

  You use it as a cucumber in salads, dips, sushi or sandwiches.

  Armenian cucumber is deliciously pickled.

  Try pureeing them in vegetable kebabs or smoothies.

  Great with pork, fish, mint, oregano, dill, yogurt and whipped cheese.

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