Causes and Remedies for Fat Accumulation in Human Body

Causes and Remedies for Fat Accumulation in Human Body health tips 2021 in English 

Accumulation of fat in the human body leads to weight gain, obesity, and an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.  As a result, the ability to perform manual labor is reduced.  As a result of not doing manual labor, the person becomes more obese.  As a result, people fall into a vicious cycle of obesity and health risks.
Causes and Remedies for Fat Accumulation in Human Body
Causes and Remedies for Fat Accumulation in Human Body

 After eating a full meal, laziness comes and fills up.  And those who go to bed after eating, they have a tendency to accumulate fat in the stomach the most.  Those who work for a long time also gradually accumulate fat in their abdomen.  Excess fat not only tarnishes beauty, but also causes various diseases.

 If the amount of fat in the body is high, the hands, mouth, abdomen and thighs accumulate more in these places.  It should be controlled before excess fat accumulates.  And if fat does accumulate, it must be reduced in a controlled diet and exercise.  It is necessary to identify the cause of fat accumulation and change the eating habits.

 Causes abdominal fat accumulation

 * Those who eat more sugar-rich foods, their stomach fat accumulates quickly.  Restrictions on eating rice, polao, biryani, parota, luchi, sweets, soft drinks should be observed.

 * People who fall asleep quickly after eating, their food is not digested properly.  The stored energy is also not consumed.  As a result, it is also a very important cause of fat accumulation.

 * Those who work all day in the chair-table and do not have to do physical work, their stomach also accumulates fat quickly.

 * Those who are accustomed to fatty foods like butter, cheese, ghee and those who are fans of fast food, their stomach fat also accumulates easily.

 Diseases that occur due to abdominal fat
 * Excess fat in the abdomen is also a cause of disease.  Excess fat leads to apathy.  As a result, the rate of fat accumulation also increases.

 * AFM Helal Uddin, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Sir Salimullah Medical College, said that excess fat in the abdomen increases the risk of fatty liver, including various diseases of the liver, ie fat accumulates around the liver, the patient is at risk of diabetes, possibly hernia.

 * In addition, various types of diseases can occur in women, including hormonal complications.

 Things to do to reduce fat
 * Do not eat more than once and eat little by little again and again.  Give a little every two hours.

 * If the stomach is not full of sugary foods, eat vegetables.  Any sour fruit that you can eat with.

 * Eat more fruits with peel.  Guava, plum, mango, cucumber - all these can quench the thirst.

 * If you want to eat meat alone, you have to eat without fat.  Exclude broth or potatoes altogether.

 * Any type of oil-fried, fast food should be avoided altogether.

 * Drink plenty of water.  Water will increase the body's metabolism and prevent the accumulation of fat.

 * To reduce belly fat, you need to control your diet as well as exercise.

 * If you come to the gym regularly and do the necessary exercises, the result is available very quickly.  And if it's not possible to go to the gym, swimming, cycling, brisk walking, jumping rope — these can be very good exercises for losing belly fat.

 * In addition to walking without using the elevator, or from the bottom of the flyover to the top of the habit of walking loudly, even if the fat will fall quickly.

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