Foods that Contain Vitamin-D

Foods that Contain Vitamin-D - Health tips 2021 in English 

Foods that Contain Vitamin-D
Foods that Contain Vitamin-D

Vitamin-D is a fat soluble sequestroid.  Its function is to absorb calcium from the intestines of the body;  It also dissolves iron, magnesium and phosphorus.  If we haven't talked so much about vitamin-D before, there is a lot of talk about it now.  Nutritionists are emphasizing the need to include vitamin-D foods in the daily diet.

 According to experts, in the absence of vitamin-D, the bones of the body of children do not grow properly and the bones become crooked.  In its absence the bones of the elderly become soft;  May cause Alzheimer's disease.  People who are deficient in vitamin D may have asthma.

 We went to school as children, only milk and sunlight are sources of vitamin-D.  However, it is difficult to apply the heat of the sun on the skin for a long time.  Then there is the vitamin supplement.  Researchers say there are some foods that contain vitamin-D.  The Indian daily Times of India has listed these foods.


 Different fish contain vitamin-D.  Especially fatty fish, such as: salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, etc.  About 50 percent of the daily requirement for vitamin D can be met by a tuna sandwich or a three-ounce piece of salmon.


 Mushrooms contain vitamin-D.  Portobello mushrooms grow in sunlight, they contain vitamin-D.  So you can eat mushrooms regularly to meet the demand.

 Preserved orange juice

 There are some good brands on the market that add vitamin-D to make orange juice.  Orange juice can retain vitamin content even if it is given among other juices.  So good brand juice for vitamin-D can also be eaten.  But before eating, take a look at the packet to see what ingredients it is made of.


 Eggs contain a small amount of vitamin-D.  However, those who have high blood pressure and high cholesterol should be careful when eating egg yolks.

 Organic food

 Organic foods contain vitamin-D, such as: Beef liver contains vitamin-D.  However, many people may prefer to take vitamin-D from milk rather than cooking it.

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