Home Remedies For Baby Cough | Kids Treatment

Home Remedies For Baby Cough | Kids Treatment in English 

Extra care is taken towards children in winter.  At this time, the tendency of children to have fever, cold and cough increases.  The fever-cold though healed in a few days.  However, the problem occurs in the case of cough.  I don't want to cough at all.

Home Remedies For Baby Cough | Kids Treatment
Home Remedies For Baby Cough | Kids Treatment

Many times parents cannot sleep because of the child's cough.  Even after consuming cough syrup, many times he does not want to cure it.  To get rid of this you can give the child some home remedies.  Let's find out -

★ If the child's age is less than two years;  Then pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil on his pillow.  This will open the baby's nostrils.

★ If you have a whooping cough, you can give zinc lozenge to the child once every 2-3 hours.  Playing it will reduce the cough.

★ If the child or kids coughs, the palm candy is also beneficial.

★ If you have a cough, feed your child a bowl of hot vegetable soup or chicken soup.  It will provide relief from cough or sore throat.

★ You can feed the baby a little black pepper powder with honey.  This will quickly clear the child's cough.

★ Ginger paste mixed with honey can be fed to the baby.  Ginger has anti-histamine properties in the treatment of allergies.  This tip also helps to cure chronic cough.

★ If the child's cough increases at night;  Then lie down with his head high with a few pillows.  The cough will go down.

  Heat the mustard oil and crush a little garlic in it and keep it for a while.  Then massage the oil on the baby's neck, chest, back, palms and soles of the feet.  Colds and coughs can be cured quickly in this way.

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