Those Exercises will be Enough to Increase the Height

Those Exercises will be Enough to Increase the Height | Health tips 2021 in English   

Those Exercises will be Enough to Increase the Height
Those Exercises will be Enough to Increase the Height

There are many who are much shorter than their age.  No matter how much they strive to increase their height.  However, it does not take much effort to increase height, just try to exercise regularly three days a week to get good results.  As a result of regular exercise, the numbness of the body will be reduced and the height will start increasing.  But yes, extra exercise is not good for the body.  That's why you don't just have to exercise.  A balanced diet should also be taken.  Along with that you have to bring a positive attitude in your life.

 Let's find out the exercises that are needed to increase the height-

 1) First exercise: Stand with your back against the wall.  Standing like this, try to keep yourself straight parallel to the wall.  At the same time, try to touch the walls from the ankles to the head on the back of your body.  Try to stretch straight by touching the walls in this way.  Do the exercise eight to ten times a day.

 2) Second Exercise: After finishing the first exercise, at this stage hang with the help of rings or bars.  Leave the body weight.  Let the legs swing and feel the force of gravity on yourself.  Leave yourself hanging for ten seconds like this.  Do this exercise again in the same process.  You can do this eight to ten times.

 3) Third exercise: Now hold the ring again.  But this time you don't have to hang on.  Rather try to lift yourself up by holding the ring.  Once you can get up like this, then release the weight of your body.  Leave and hang for about three minutes.  Thus complete this exercise in six sets.  Remember not to hang on for three minutes at the beginning.  Do as much as your body can take.  Gradually increase the time to three minutes.

 4) Fourth exercise: At this stage the exercise will feel a little difficult.  Now you have to hang upside down in the ring with the help of the folds of the knees.  Leave your body hanging upside down.  Let both hands hang.  Keep counting from one to ten.  When the counting is over, go down.  Get someone to help you complete this step.  Try to do it slowly.  If you can't do it at once, don't force yourself.  Try to learn slowly.  Even then, if you can't control yourself, do as much as you can of this exercise.

 5) Fifth Exercise: If you have reached this stage, the good news for you is that you have passed the most difficult stage.  All you have to do next is make a long jump to your left from where you are standing.  Try to land with your right foot.  That means the right foot will touch the ground before jumping.  When jumping, try to jump as long as possible.

 6) Sixth Exercise: At this stage you lie on the ground with your stomach full.  Your body and legs will be straight and taut.  Lift both hands behind your back and keep them taut.  Now try to bend yourself as much as possible from this position.  Your head and neck will be straight in front.  Try this eight to ten times.

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