Lemon Juice has Many Qualities

Lemon Juice has Many Qualities health tips 2021 in English  

Water mixed with lemon juice is excellent as a drink.  Not only in taste, but also in quality.  Especially when taking heavy meals, it is best to drink lemonade instead of cola or anything else.
Lemon Juice has Many Qualities
Lemon Juice has Many Qualities

 Scientists say that water mixed with lemon juice accelerates the formation of pus from the stomach and other parts of the intestine.  Drinking lemonade with heavy meals will reduce gas and flatulence.  

It also acts as a diuretic and laxative.  That is, keeps urine and feces clean.
 Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which provides anti-oxidants and stimulants.

 In addition, a substance called flavonoids reduces fat and insulin resistance in the liver, can play a helpful role in reducing blood fats, sugars or weight. 

Very good benefits can be obtained if you mix lemon juice in lukewarm water and drink it without sugar.  Just as it will remove gas from the stomach, it will also help to burn extra calories by slightly raising the body temperature or thermogenesis. 

However, lemonade every day is harmful for your tooth enamel.  Drink this type of drink either with the help of a straw, or wash your face with a cooler after drinking.
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