Olive Oil Reduces the Risk of all those Diseases

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Health conscious people choose olive oil instead of white oil.  Its health benefits are many.  Experts also recommend eating this oil.  Olive oil contains healthy monounsaturated fats.

Olive Oil Reduces the Risk of all those Diseases
Olive Oil Reduces the Risk of all those Diseases

This natural oil contains omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.  Olive oil contains a saturated fat called elic acid.  Studies have shown that elic acid acts as an anti-inflammatory.  It can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells.  Find out how beneficial olive oil is for health-

Olive oil contains a lot of anti-oxidants.  In addition to beneficial fatty acids, it also contains vitamins E and K.  The anti-oxidants in olive oil also relieve incurable diseases.  It also fights against various inflammations.  Protects blood cholesterol from oxidation.  This reduces the risk of heart disease.

★ Ingredients in olive oil act as an anti-inflammatory.  Anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil in the fight against chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, digestive problems, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, arthritis and obesity.  Scientists believe that 3 and a half teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil act as an anti-inflammatory drug in adults.

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★ Olive oil can help prevent stroke.  Blood flow to the brain is disrupted due to blood clots or bleeding.  And this is why stroke occurs.  Stroke deaths are much higher in the developed countries of the world.  Studies on 8 lakh 41 thousand people have shown that the saturated fat in olive oil reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease.  The study looked at 140,000 participants who regularly took olive oil;  Their risk of stroke was much lower than others.

★ The rate of heart attack is increasing day by day due to irregular living.  Especially fast food foods increase the risk of this disease.  And fast food dishes are made with soybean oil.  This is why those who take olive oil regularly;  In their case, the risk of heart disease is much lower.

★ Olive oil protects the body from bad LDL cholesterol from oxidation.  The nutrients in olive oil reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disease.  One study found that taking olive oil reduced blood pressure medication by up to 48 percent.

★ Although olive oil is not associated with weight gain or loss.  However, a one-month study of 6,000 Spanish college students found that they did not gain weight even after consuming large amounts of olive oil.  On the other hand, a 3-year study of 18 people found that olive oil-rich foods increase the amount of anti-oxidants in the blood, which is associated with weight loss.

★ Many people have been suffering from Alzheimer's disease since 40 years.  In this case, the person suffering from this disease starts forgetting everything.  Olive oil fights Alzheimer's disease.  Alzheimer's disease is the most common neurodegenerative disorder in the world.  This disease increases the production of a type of protein called amyloid beta inside the brain cells.  One study on rats found that ingredients in olive oil reduced the rate of harmful amyloid beta growth.

★ Olive oil reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.  Several studies have shown that olive oil works to control blood sugar and insulin.  In a clinical trial of 417 healthy people, regular olive oil consumption reduced their risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 40 percent.

★ As a result of taking olive oil, the growth of cancer cells can be stopped.  This is because this oil has anti-cancer properties.  The anti-oxidant in olive oil destroys free radicals.  Which is one of the major driving forces of cancer.  Test-tube studies have shown that olive oil compounds can fight cancer cells.

★ Many people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.  Especially with age, the pain in different joints of the body increases.  Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease.  The anti-inflammatory ingredients in olive oil relieve arthritis.  One study found that olive oil and fish oil relieve joint and rheumatic diseases.

★ Olive oil with anti-bacterial properties destroys harmful bacteria in the body.  One of these is Helicobacter pylori.  These germs nest in the stomach and cause ulcers and stomach cancer.  Test-tube studies have shown that extra virgin olive oil fights these bacteria.

Caution: There are various brands of extra virgin olive oil in the market.  All but the real olive oil.  Therefore, knowingly buy real extra virgin olive oil.

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