Types Of Cucumbers in English

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Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a well-known plant belonging to the Gord family Cucurbitus.  

Cucumber is a kind of fruit.  The fruit grown on creeping plants is oblong in shape and about 10-12 inches long.  

Types Of Cucumbers in English
Types Of Cucumbers in English

Its exterior color is green.  However, when ripe, it turns yellow.  The sleeves are whitish green, with beeches in the middle.  

It is eaten raw or used in salads.  Although it originated in India, it is now grown in almost all parts of the world.  It is usually found more during the summer.  There are several varieties of cucumber.  

Cucumber is a kind of fruit.  It tends to be green in size.  This results in less calories and more water.  

The caloric content of 100 grams of a raw cucumber with peel is 20 kcal.  Cucumber is mainly used as a salad in Bangladesh.

Types Of Cucumbers in English  

With heated facilities, growing a fun vegetable out of season is not easy.  In addition to knowledge of agricultural technology, you need to choose the right variety.  Cucumber varieties for greenhouses are selected depending on the agro-climatic conditions and the type of structure.  For winter glazed greenhouses, for spring-autumn turnover - some other varieties are needed.

After reading the article, you will start to navigate the different types of greenhouse cucumbers.  The varieties proposed in the text are taken from the State Register of Acquisition of Reproduction, where they are classified according to the specific climate region of the country.

Cucumber varieties for winter greenhouses

Winter greenhouses are rarely built on private auxiliary plots.  This is due to the high cost of construction and maintenance of such structures.  Winter greenhouses not only need to be heated, but also illuminated, which increases the cost of obtaining off-season cucumbers.

Varieties need to be carefully selected for winter building.  For winter cultivation, mainly selected early which can tolerate the lack of light.  The varieties listed below are suitable for most climates.


The first mature hybrids of the first generation of anise-pollinated, bred by the Garish Breeding Company.  It has become a popular greenhouse cultivation due to its increased shade tolerance.  Yield begins in 40 days, 12 cm long, medium-mustache white spiny fruit.  Athletes are resistant to dew, rot, cut spots, become restless in peronosporosis.


The first generation hybrid born at the OZDG Research Institute in Moscow.  Bee-pollinated, salad type.  About 70 days after germination - late fruit begins to set.  Shade tolerant, can be used as a pollinator.  Fruit weighing 120 g, tubercles large, puberty white.


The breeding company Garish and the research institute OZDG have bred jointly.  The first generation bee-pollinated hybrid of the salad type.  In the knot, the number of female flowers reaches three.  Gellens are medium sized, dark and lightly striped up to half of the fruit.  Tubercles medium and large, spines white, sparse.  Weight up to 140 grams.  Can be used as pollinator.


Another hybrid of the breeding company Gavrish, intended for protected land.  Bee-pollinator cultivators, lettuce varieties, begin to bear fruit about 45 days after germination.  The fruits are long, up to 20 cm by 4 cm thick, dark green in color.  Lightly scented stripes reach half of the fruit.  Tubercles are very rarely located, large, the spines white.  Cucumber weight up to 160 grams, good taste.  Casanova is a high-yielding hybrid that produces marketable fruits and is a good pollinator for other growers.

Long-fruited varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses

Long-fruited cucumbers are perfect for gardens whose families prefer fresh vegetables and don’t like pickles and marinades.  Long fruiting cucumbers are considered to be 15 cm in size.  The length of the longest species of Chinese selection reaches one and a half meters.

There is a universal variety of long-legged variety that is suitable not only for salads, but also for preservation.  Long fruit cultivars are the most productive variety of cucumber for greenhouses.  They give an impressive crop on every construction per square meter, so this is the main part of the variety for greenhouses.


Bee-pollinated lettuce hybrid selection by Manul.  Ordinary polycarbonate greenhouse cucumbers.  On the 70th day it begins to bear fruit.  Fruit length up to 19 cm, fusiform with a short neck.  The mass of green color reaches 150 g. The yield is not less than the quality, the taste is good.

Northern Lights

The first generation hybrid created by Manul.  Bee-pollinated type, used in salads.  In 65 days a crop begins to form.  The fruit is fusiform with medium-sized stripes and protrusions, weighs up to 130 g and is resistant to viruses and Clodosporia.

The hybrid has a high percentage of female flowers.  With the relay type - the most popular standard hybrid of winter turnover among buyers.


A bee-pollinated hybrid of Manul Farm, started bearing fruit from the 70th day.  The female flowers predominate, with each node forming up to three ovaries.  The shape of the fruit is fissiform with a neck, length 22 cm, good taste, bearing fruit up to 30 kg per square.  M.  Resistant to viruses and rot.

Relay - Running

In 1973, a time-tested popular hybrid breed was born at the Edelstein Vegetable Station (Moscow).  Salad, bee-pollinated, very nice cucumber with fruit up to 22 cm tall.  The relay race is ideal for greenhouse cucumbers in terms of yield, appearance and taste.

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