What is the treatment of heart attack?

What is the treatment of heart attack answer in English   

Heart attack is a life-threatening disorder.  If you have a heart attack, immediate medical attention is needed.  Cholesterol builds up in the arteries of the heart and blocks it, causing a heart attack.
What is the treatment of heart attack?
What is the treatment of heart attack?

 What is the treatment of heart attack, Dr. spoke about this in the 3622nd episode of NTV's regular health program.  Md.  Afzalur Rahman.  He is currently working as a director and professor at the National Heart Institute.

 Q: What is CPR?

 Answer: In case of cardiac arrest, pressure should be applied in the middle of the chest.  And you have to breathe through your mouth.  This is CPR.  Everyone needs to be trained to teach CPR.  CPR training is required in all cases.

 And the treatment of heart attack must be taken quickly.  When blood vessels close, time is of the essence.  Muscles will be damaged every second.  Heart and brain cells are permanently damaged.  Once it dies, it will never be rebuilt.  The sooner you treat for this, the sooner it is good for the patient.  Take the patient to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.  When you feel like this at home, you need to take three hundred milligrams of aspirin.  Remember, if 300 mg of aspirin is given, the death rate will be reduced by 25 percent.  That's a big number.

 Whenever there is chest pain, three hundred milligrams of aspirin should be given.  After that you have to go to the nearest hospital.  If there is a cardiac hospital, you have to take it there.  If there is another hospital next door, take it there.  If you take it, the doctor will see it.  EKG, ECG will do.  ECG will confirm.  ECG should be done within 10 minutes.  Diagnosis should be made within 10 minutes.  One of the treatments is thrombolytic therapy.  On the other hand, a new drug called steptokinase or teritoponosine has been developed.  It is also now available in Bangladesh.  On the other hand, if there is an advantage, then the primary PCI.  The primary PCI is nothing more, take it to the cathlab, take it to the NGO room, do the angiogram, then remove the block that is there and put a stan.  This is called wearing a ring.

 Primary PCI is the best method.  However, it must be done within 60 minutes.  If primary PCI cannot be done within 60 minutes of arriving at the hospital, then the first thing I mentioned is thrombolytic therapy.  The longer the delay, the greater the complication of treatment.  Heart pumping will decrease.  If a man goes in two hours, if you treat him, he will get better.  However, if this person comes after 12 hours, there will be cardiac damage in the meantime, the heart muscle will be damaged.  Even then, the benefits are not available.  Then the patient may have shortness of breath.  Once permanently damaged, it will no longer be fixed.  Heart attack needs to be treated very quickly.  It is necessary to know.

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