What to Eat in the Afternoon | Lunch routine for Healthy Body

What to Eat in the Afternoon | Lunch routine for everyon with get a Healthy Body

What to eat at noon in the office?  How much to eat?  Employees have to think about this almost every day.  Many people fall asleep after lunch.  That’s why some people don’t want to eat lunch.  
What to Eat in the Afternoon | Lunch routine for Healthy Body
What to Eat in the Afternoon | Lunch routine for Healthy Body

Remember, lunch is just as important as breakfast.  The office is busy all day and I feel more hungry at noon.  So at this time you have to eat nutritious food.  The amount should be such that it fills the stomach and fills the mind;  But will not feel heavy after eating.  Vitality will also return to work for the rest of the day.  

Akhtarun Nahar, head of the nutrition department at Bardem General Hospital, said food should be selected that is easy to take to the office, can be eaten, does not spread too much odor, and ensures adequate nutrition.  You can eat one meal a day to enhance or keep your appetite.  

It is better to take dry food in the office - it is easy to take, it is not wasted.  Adequate water should be drunk after meals.  It is not good to just eat salad at noon.  Because, just eating salad does not provide the necessary nutrients to the body.  As the afternoon progresses, the interest in working will decrease.  It is better to eat less rice at work.  It will not make you feel sleepy.

 Foods that are suitable for eating in the office

 White rice: Many people can't stay without eating rice at noon.  Some people get gastric problems when they eat something other than rice at noon.  Those who can't eat anything other than rice at noon can eat a little rice in the office.  

You can eat vegetables, chicken or fish with rice.

 Bread-vegetables: Another convenient food for the office is bread-vegetables.  It doesn't take much time to make.  Eggs and vegetables are good, they are nutritious.  In addition, as it is a dry food, there is not much hassle to eat.  There is not much oil and spices.  So the smell of food is not a problem for colleagues.

 Noodles / Pasta / Chaomin: You can eat noodles for lunch at the office.  It can be cooked in the morning in a very short time.  You can take noodles-type pasta and chaomin in the office.  
Cook noodles, pasta or chaomin with vegetables, meat, eggs, etc. to make it nutritious.  It will increase the taste, there will be no lack of nutrition.
 Sandwiches: Sandwiches are a food that can be easily eaten in the office.  It's very easy to make.  

You can also make sandwiches with eggs, chicken or vegetables to your taste and liking.  It can be made more nutritious by adding fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomato etc.
 Salad: For those who have weight problems or love to eat salad, they can put more salad in the office food.  

Rice, bread, noodles, pulses whatever you eat in your office meal, try to give importance to salad in your daily meal.  Salad made with vegetables and fruits you will eat a little more than rice or bread.

 Others: Those who want to avoid heavy meals at noon, they can eat apples, oranges, pears, etc.  You can also eat homemade vegetable soup.  These fibrous vegetables will provide you with the amount of vitamins and minerals you need throughout the day.

 In addition, desserts such as cakes, puddings, yogurt with a mixture of various fruits can be easily eaten at the office lunch.

Some caution

★Avoid fried-burnt food as lunch in the office.
★Dried foods should not be eaten in the office.  Because many people can't stand the smell of it.  So colleagues may have difficulty.
★ It is better not to bring jackfruit to the office as a result.  Because, many people do not like the smell of it.

 ★Food should not be scattered while eating in the office.  If food falls on the table or floor while eating, clean it yourself.

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