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247°F (2011)
Action / Horror / Thriller

  247 ° Fa
  Action / Horror / Thriller
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 IMDB rating 4.9

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  Jenna, Renee, Ian and Michael Ian arrive at a lakeside cabin owned by Mama Wade.  Instead of wanting to enjoy an anxious, instead, three of them get locked in a heated snail.  At first they think Michael’s joking with them, but soon realize that help isn’t coming and they must find a way out before the heat hits them.  As the heat increases, they are pushed to their physical and mental limits - survival is no longer easy.  Breaking a small window - this can be the worst thing they can do, because the cool air heater will drive the thermostat to run the whole explosion.  They need to come out, but they can only wait!  Who to wait for, who to wait for ?!  How long can you wait in the heat of 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

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