How to grow Your Discord Server quick and easy (2024)

How to grow Your Discord Server quick and easy (2024)

Growing a Discord Server can be hard, but if you follow this guide it can happen quickly. Creating a large Discord server is not only fun but also can make you significant money, turning your passion project into a full-time income—

I'm the owner of multiple Discord servers with over 100,000 members. Let's get into how I grew my server to be so big, and how you can grow yours. Listing Site:

The best way to get traffic to your Discord server is through, the biggest search engine for communities. Millions of users visit to find servers like yours, which can get you thousands of joins per month.

This guide will show you how to list your server and improve your listing with great descriptions, tags, and design.

1) Go to:, and login with Discord.

2) On the server you want to promote, click "add bot":

3) After adding the bot, refresh and you'll see a new "Edit" button. Click it to start adding your server.

4) Add details to your server listing and make it public. Here are some tips:

a) Make sure to select this so the server is visible in the list:

b) In your short description, use all caps for important words and you can include emojis. This should be a few engaging sentences explaining why users should join your server.

c) Upgrade to premium for growth through

Without premium, your average growth will be just 3 members per month. With Premium, you can expect around 2,470 members per month. While spending money to grow your server might seem annoying, this is a fantastic deal to quickly build a massive community.

Here's how it works: after purchasing premium, your server gets pinned on the homepage, tags, and all other lists. Millions of users searching for Discord servers will see your community first. This is crucial because with hundreds of thousands of servers on, without premium, yours won't be featured.

d) After upgrading to premium, add tags, keywords, a description, and pick a server highlight to perfect your listing.

Get 2,000+ joins per month with Premium. It’s my go-to for advertising my communities. Two of my big servers have gained over 100K total joins with this promotion, all for just $29.99 per month.

Keep the conversation going.

Now that you have promotion and new members coming in, how do you keep them engaged and the conversation flowing? New members need help acclimating to your community’s culture, norms, and expectations. It's your job to make them feel welcome; otherwise, they might leave and never come back. Typically, for every ten members who join, five may leave—this is your retention rate.

Increase your retention by developing an effective onboarding system for new members. Here are six strategies to enhance your process:

  1. Create a channel called #rules-and-info: Post all essential information a new member needs here. Include server rules, how to use certain features, and where to find specific channels.
  2. Welcome new members to the channel: As soon as a new member joins, send them a direct message or welcome them in the channel feed. You can do this by inviting a welcome bot like:
  3. Personalize the welcome message: While you can use a bot to send a welcome message, it’s more personal to do it manually, especially at the beginning. Include the member’s name, some information about the server, and a question to start a conversation.
  4. Create a channel called #introductions: New members can introduce themselves to the rest of the community here. They can share their name, where they’re from, what they like to do, and why they joined the server.
  5. Create relatable channels like #pet-lovers or #music-addicts: These channels help new members find others with similar interests and give them a place to talk about things they’re passionate about.

By implementing these strategies, you can make new members feel welcome and engaged, significantly improving your retention rate.

Contests and Giveaways.

Hosting contests and giveaways is a great way to get Discord members and increase Discord server activity. They add excitement and reward members for being part of the community. Whether you offer game keys, digital books or even just special emotes or other rewards they can use on the server, you can quickly grow your Discord community this way.

Consider adding a Giveaway bot to create your giveaways, such as .

Keep your server well-moderated.

Great mods can really make a community, so it is worth engaging with active, trusted members of your community to become moderators and be a part of shaping how the server feels and looks in the future.


Growing a Discord server can be tough, but with this guide, you can do it quickly and effectively. Building a large server isn’t just fun—it can also turn into a great way to make money. I’ve got servers with over 100,000 members, and I know these strategies work.

Start by using, the biggest search engine for communities, to drive traffic to your server. Properly list your server and upgrade to Premium to get thousands of new members each month.

Keep new members engaged with a solid onboarding process, welcome channels, and personalized messages. Create interest-based channels and run fun contests and giveaways to keep the excitement alive. Don’t forget to have active, trusted members as moderators.

Follow these tips, and you'll not only grow your Discord server but also build a thriving, money-making community. Happy growing!